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The reason of Handfan Bottle concept

Is it possible to make a water bottle that can filter impurities and inhibit bacteria?

Jacky, the inventor of the HandFan bottle, suffered from severe diarrhea during a trip abroad in 2016. It turned out that he drank the tap water directly (the tap water meets the direct drinking standard in the local area). The doctor judged that it may be caused by the aging of local water pipes, the increase of impurities and bacteria. He was thinking, is it possible to make a water bottle that can filter impurities and inhibit bacteria?

Prototype research and testing

After returning, Jacky's team started research. First of all, water filtration is a mature technology, but does miniaturization play a role in purification? Secondly, the addition of antibacterial agents to make the bottle body can inhibit hundreds of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, which is also a mature technology. But how to add it to the water bottle for the best effect? After repeated experiments, Jacky's team finally solved these two problems and obtained the certification of f Authoritative laboratory.

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Prototype upgrade iteration

In 2020, 2019-nCoV ravaged the world, Jacky saw medical workers working in protective suits. Jacky decided to design a fan on the water bottle to help them solve the problem of convenient drinking and cooling. In this way, it is also more convenient for people to drink water and cool down when climbing, cycling, exercising, patrolling outdoors, strollers, etc.

R&D process

The small fan is easy to design, but the design on the bottle lid is completely different. 

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First:Achieving high performance in a small volume

The problem of small size but high wind speed and small space layout structure needs to be solved.

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Second:Realize the function of direct water washing

the most difficult thing is to clean the fan directly with tap water (which we rarely see daily).

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Third:Both practical and safe

Tritan food-grade antibacterial bottle body, micro filter element for filtering impurities, straw for convenient drinking; 15 hours of battery life, 4.8 m/s strong wind, tap water for cleaning. 

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Final:Apply for product patent protection

After 5 years of hundreds of experiments. The fan water bottle is finally finished. And it has obtained invention patents in 20 countries including the United States, Britain, and Japan.

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It can be said that this is unprecedented, Redefine a new category of water bottles, and Jacky named it “HandFan bottle”.

"What is the essential meaning of the invention of the HandFan bottle?"

"That is health and surpass. Self-surpass is the driving force of human progress, and healthy life is the eternal pursuit of human beings. This is also a little gift that I brought to the long history in my limited life"

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