Handfan and sustainability

Carbon neutral in materials

All HandFan products are now made from raw materials developed by our own team and are based on the principle of "carbon neutrality", with the aim of reducing energy consumption, reducing CO2 and waste water emissions, neutralizing plastics and avoiding the use of solvents in the product coating process, thus continuously reducing the environmental impact of our factories.

  • we use biodegradable raw materials
  • we recycle and reclaim all kinds of waste plastics of the same sex + the same type, which are then die-cast or re-entered into injection molding machines. This plastic is then die-cast or re-entered into the injection molding machine to produce the final product.
  • the packaging materials are selected from the point of view of their environmental friendliness and disposal technology, and are therefore recyclable.

Recycling and Utilization

To prevent uncontrolled waste disposal that may cause damage to the environment or human health, we should be recycled responsibly to promote sustainable reuse of material resources.
To return your used equipment, contact our support team.