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With a history of more than ten years since its establishment in 2007, focusing on products and technology makes us professional. If you like to have the most comfortable human experience, HandFan® is your best choice.

Globally, there are many people who have already heard of the concept of wind fans. However, it's still rare to see that this technology has been at such a high level and has achieved not only the function of wind direction, but also the function of energy efficiency.The most important thing is to be able to continuously improve the iterative upgrade of the product from the consumer's point of view.

HandFan was born in the pursuit for cost-effective and environmentally friendly fan products. Setting our goal, we put great efforts into developing new material and to be able to offer a complete new generation of folding fan. As an eco-friendly product, HandFan has made countless carbon emission reduction efforts. The first step towards this goal is using bioplastic raw materials that are more friendly to the environment. By continuously reducing our environmental impact with every new generation, HandFan will grow together with the world and present high technology at its best.

With global warming on the rise, we’re all responsible for helping to protect the planet. Through little changes in our daily life, we can have a huge impact. By using the HandFan® Fan inside to stay cool, there is no need to rely solely on air conditioning, which can help reduce your carbon footprint. With outdoor temperatures on the rise, the HandFan® Fan is the perfect eco-friendly way to keep cool.Introducing the new product, our most powerful and lightweight handheld fan ever. Packing 40% more power into a smaller frame, it enables you to take cooling comfort with you anywhere, from sporting events to outdoor concerts.