HandFan Bottle Innovation

HandFan Bottle Innovation

Hi Everyone,This blog post will introduce our HandFan Bottle and explain why we have the best and most applicable bottle in the industry.

What HandFan Bottle can bring

Our first generation of HandFan Bottles were great, but after producing 1,000 units, we found that there were many areas that needed improvement to make the bottles more practical, portable, reliable and healthy.
The opportunity presented itself and we decided to take advantage of this investment. It wasn't easy, we needed to go from a traditional bottle to the industry's first bottle with a mini waterproof fan.and of course, we added filtration on base of that.
Making this change required a whole new set of tools as well as some inventions to make it happen. The development took almost a full 2-3 years, but we believe that the investment was definitely worth it.
See below for a comparison of the first and second generation bottles.

Not waterproof
Battery capacity 1300ml
Battery capacity 2600ml
No straw design
Straw with filtration device
Only support twist open lid to drink water
Quick drink window design

Small fans are easy to design, but the design on the cup is completely different: the design challenge is not only to reduce the size and weight of the fan as much as possible, and to ensure that while reducing the size of the fan but also to ensure that the wind speed and strength of the fan is not affected by it, because we originally have more than ten years of experience in fan research and development this difficulty we used the existing experience and equipment took about six months to solve; and The real difficulty was to ensure that we designed a waterproof fan, a small fan that is not afraid of water immersion, which is rare in our daily life, we developed a special set of molds and equipment to solve the problem of the built-in battery and rotation function of the small fan 360 degrees closed state; finally, after 2 years of hundreds of experiments, our waterproof fan was finally developed, and in the process of developing this function, we We are proud to have developed our own exclusive nano+vacuum treatment method, which is a milestone for our team in the process of developing precision electronics for more than 10 years.

In addition, we want to sell our customers not just a product, but a healthy, positive attitude towards life, so we plan to build a filter into the straw. Fortunately, after 1 year, our efforts were finally validated and our product was born.

Hope everyone enjoyed this blog post, and be sure to stay tuned for future posts.


Team HandFan

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