Bottle Mania: The Hand-Fan-Bottle Craze

Bottle Mania: The Hand-Fan-Bottle Craze

This water bottle fan is a unique product that combines the two elements of a water cup and a fan. The fan is designed as a cup lid, which gives the product creativity and practicality, while satisfying cooling and quenching thirst.

The water cup material is made of high-quality food-grade reusable Tritan copolyester plastic, BPA free and phthalates and other harmful substances, with a capacity of 600ml (20oz) and a leak-proof lid.

3-speed strong wind speed, 5-15H running time, power indicator; when you start the fan, closing the fan and the lid will automatically turn off the fan, and opening the fan will automatically turn on.

The fan module has overcurrent protection, high voltage resistance, battery, protection device, and the water cup straw contains activated carbon filter element to filter impurities to ensure the water quality is more pure.

With leak-proof cover, it is very suitable for daily use and outdoor sports such as hiking, camping, etc. More product details can see pictures and descriptions.

Inventor of Fan Water Bottle
Jacky, the inventor of the HandFan water bottle

In 2020 summer, Jacky saw medical workers working in protective suits. Jacky decided to design a fan on the water bottle to help them solve the problem of convenient drinking and cooling. In this way, it is also more convenient for people to drink water and cool down when climbing, cycling, exercising, patrolling outdoors, strollers, etc.

The small fan is easy to design, but the design on the bottle lid is completely different. First, the problem of small size but high wind speed and small space layout structure needs to be solved. Secondly, the most difficult thing is to clean the fan directly with tap water (which we rarely see daily).

After 5 years of hundreds of experiments. The fan water bottle is finally finished. And it has obtained invention patents in 20 countries including the United States, Britain, and Japan.

Tritan food-grade bottle body, micro filter element for filtering impurities, straw for convenient drinking; 15 hours of working time, 4.8 m/s strong wind, tap water for cleaning. It can be said that this is unprecedented, Redefine a new category of water bottles, and Jacky named it “HandFan bottle”.

"What is the essential meaning of the invention of the HandFan bottle?" a reporter asked.

"That is health and surpass. Self-surpass is the driving force of human progress, and healthy life is the eternal pursuit of human beings. This is also a little gift that I brought to the long history in my limited life", Jacky said.

20oz portable water bottle fan for travel.

Put the HandFan water bottle on the travel backpack.

water and wind follow you.

It's healthy and cool.

If you are a travel lover or a sports lover, get yourself a HandFan bottle.

If you're a patrolling security guard, get yourself a HandFan bottle.

Gym water bottle
After a crazy play, if you need to drink water and blow.

I think you need this portable water bottle fan.

A variety of colours for you to choose.

Waterproof Fan with 3 Speeds
Indicates operation including battery level, wind speed level and charge level.

Foldable fans bring cool airflow to hot flashes.

Generally speaking, fans are generally not waterproof.

But HandFan Bottle can achieve waterproof level.

It is convenient to take on vacation.

Why is the HandFan Bottle health and surpass?
1. Drinking and cooling
2. Easy to clean
3. Waterproof fan
4. 2600mAh rechargeable battery, working 15H
5. Free filter stick
6. Portable size for travel
7.With straw

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