Explore the World with this Portable Fan and Water Bottle Combo

Explore the World with this Portable Fan and Water Bottle Combo

It's hot out there, and we know how it feels. We also know that you're not going to let a little heat get in the way of your next adventure. That's why we've made HandFan Bottle that's ready to take on the world with you.

[HandFan® Anywhere Cooler Water Bottle] is a portable Bottle with fan that fits right into your backpack , so you can keep cool wherever you go. It has three speeds, so you can use it when you want to be extra breezy (like when hiking up a mountain), or when you're just trying out some new yoga moves in your backyard. It runs on batteries, so it won't run out of juice halfway through your hike—or if you forget to charge it at home before heading out for the day!

I think you're already very interested and excited about this great design, so let me introduce you to our product in some detail.

Capacity: From the capacity of the mug design, we made a decision on its capacity based on the amount of water an adult needs to take in a day, and decided on 20oz, which is a very suitable capacity for both outdoor and indoor use. From the point of view of designing the battery capacity of the fan, we used the high-density energy storage technology to compress the volume of the animal battery, so that it can realize the function of small volume and large capacity.

Material: We definitely need to meet the safety, environmental protection and durability of the material, these three properties are precisely the basic quasi-measurement of our design and production of this product, so we will take a combination of multiple materials to produce our products, to ensure the quality of the product at the same time to ensure that each material can play its own strengths.

Fans: energy storage aspects selected high-density energy storage technology for its volume compression, followed by the compliance of the fan blade design and the efficiency of the rotating machine, and finally, the durability of the product. Based on these principles we achieve the purpose of a small fan with large wind power and a small volume with large capacity.

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