HandFan Lucky Draw Event Rules [2023.07.26]

Sample winner

We will showcase the process of each lucky one being drawn on our blog, allowing you to personally witness the moment of winning the prize.

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You should choose a right post from HANDFAN's Facebook page to tag your friend ( @friends), then you can get an additional lucky chance for each @ friend, with an unlimited number.
At the same time, friends will automatically receive a lottery opportunity.

After getting the list of participants each time, they will be entered into Google's lucky draw page and enough lucky ones will be drawn based on the number of prizes in each round.
After obtaining the list of lucky ones, a prize selection will be conducted, and each person will receive their own prize.
For example:
1. If you @ a friend, you get a chance; If you @ 2 friends, you can get 2 opportunities; By analogy, the more friends you have at @, the greater the probability of winning the first prize.
2. Each of your @ friends will automatically receive a Lucky draw opportunity.

Does not limited you to participation in other Lucky activities, although you got a prize.


To ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the event, as well as the eligibility for each participant's lottery. Please remain truthful. If any false information is found, the lottery eligibility will be cancelled, and the prize will be inherited by the next winner.

The same IP address will be considered as a participant

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