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Humidity is usually something that people don't care much about, but it is an important part of our surroundings. However, if the humidity level in your home is low, you may experience nosebleeds, sinus problems, chapped lips and dry skin.

A portable humidifier is an effective and easy way to add the right amount of humidity to your home. It can help balance out the harsh, dry air you have to expose yourself to. It essentially adds a cool mist of water to the air in your room. Using a mini humidifier while you sleep helps relieve these uncomfortable symptoms, usually overnight.
With so many humidifiers on the market, how should we pick the one that really works for us? In other words, what do we need to pay attention to when buying a humidifier?
Q1, size: how easy is it to pack or carry around?
Q2、Duration: How long can a single charge last?
Q3, is there a timer mode?
Q4、Water quantity indicator: Does it prompt when the water tank is at low water level?
Q5, the humidifier mode of operation: there are multiple modes of operation? What are the differences between different modes?
Q6, the ease of use of the product: is it easy to use?
Q7、LED lights: Are there LED lights? Can they be disabled (to avoid interference)?
Q8, the amount of spray: the strength and broadband of the spray nozzle determines the scope of effective work of the humidifier, the spray design is satisfied?
Q9, cleaning and maintenance: Is it easy to clean the water tank and the atomization piece? And how to clean?
Q10, safety: whether the product gets the corresponding listing qualification, whether it can guarantee the safe use?
These are the questions that need to be addressed before buying a humidifier, and these are the questions that we at HandFan design and produce humidifiers around.

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A1, HandFan brand all humidifiers are based around portable production, on the one hand we strive to amplify the practicality of our products, on the other hand the smaller size of the humidifier is more environmentally friendly, as a responsible business, we hope to contribute to the Earth from aspects within our control. Therefore, the size of HandFan humidifier is generally designed within: 1in*0.5in to ensure that the humidifier can fit into the carry-on bag.

HandFan Portable Humidifier
A2: Our battery capacity is 3000mAh, working current is between 0.2-0.4A, and working power is between 2-4W, which ensures HandFan Portable Humidifier can work continuously for more than 4.8 hours.
A3:Our product has a timing interval of 0-6 hours, you can set the operation time of the product according to your usage. We usually recommend that you use the timer mode to prevent the humidifier from still operating when the water in the tank is used up, which will somewhat deplete the humidifier's performance.
A4: Yes, as mentioned above, to extend the life of the product, please replenish the water tank when the water shortage indicator is on.

A5: HandFan Portable Humidifier has 3 modes, the number of water ions in different modes is different, the efficiency absorbed by the fine pores of the skin on our body is different, in general, according to the comfort of the individual to choose the most suitable mode for themselves.
A6: We designed the HandFan Portable Humidifier, it is very easy to use, you just need to find a countertop where you can place the humidifier, and twist the lid of the humidifier counterclockwise, add the right amount of pure water (about 400ml), twist the lid of the humidifier clockwise and press the start button, the humidifier will begin to operate.
A7: Our product has an LED light setting, in order to avoid the interference of that indicator we have a frosted layer built into the indicator, this makes the light of the indicator is not harsh and will not disturb your sleep, even if you are a need for a very dark environment to sleep.

A8: Our HandFan portable humidifier spray volume in 120ml / h, the maximum working power of the jet head is 6w, the general working power of the jet in 3-4w, which means that our jet head more power to meet your humidification needs.
A9: Our portable humidifier is used by the loadable atomizer and removable water tank, so we can clean them by removing them. Atomizer cleaning: atomizer surface scale, you can pour into the citric acid or white vinegar (you can go to the supermarket or buy online, white vinegar is preferred), and then wipe with a cotton swab or brush, and rinse clean with water. Water tank cleaning: water tank internal scale, you can add citric acid or white vinegar in the tank, and add an appropriate amount of water, and then reach into the tank with your hands, use a soft towel to wipe. The frequency of cleaning portable humidifier depends on the environment you are using and the purity of the water.
A10: All of our portable humidifiers have passed the official quality inspection of FCC, CE, PSE, ROACH, EMC and obtained the corresponding production qualification, on the other hand, our HandFan brand side has more than ten years of experience in the production of precision appliances, in the past ten years we have pursued product quality and production efficiency, which has led to the continuous expansion of our enterprise, our products are also constantly Update, so you have every reason to keep trust in the quality of our products and product safety.
These are the HandFan Portable Humidifiers I recommend to you, and you are just one high-five away from buying the humidifier you are satisfied with.