Electric fan shopping strategy

Hello, I am a practitioner of electronic fans, humidifiers and other precision small appliances related to their own amateur will also review for different products, this article is mainly concerned with the explanation of traditional fans and good fan recommendations.

What should I pay attention to when buying a fan? What is the difference between air circulation fans, traditional fans, and USB fans? Which is more practical, the gradually emerging USB fan or the traditional power supply direct connection fan? Is there a problem with traditional fans as a safety hazard? What are the recommended USB fans?

Considering that some friends have limited time or are too lazy to read long articles and only want to understand the recommended models, the following are a few of my comprehensive comparison of a variety of parameters, the performance is not bad, want to buy a desktop portable fan can focus on the consideration of.
HandFan Portable Misting Desk Fan HF388
Motor ten-year warranty, like this we can use a six or seven years can be absolutely assured that the realization of ten meters to send wind, the whole room to enjoy the comfort.
With the use of the attached spray water tank, with the operation of the fan to speed up the indoor air circulation, spray nozzle with the rapid evaporation of liquid, combined with the physical phenomenon of "evaporation requires the absorption of a lot of heat", to achieve rapid cooling balanced room temperature, air circulation, to avoid the skin dryness brought about by direct blowing, moisture loss, so People will feel cooler.

With remote control, you do not have to get up to switch on and off from a distance, sleep wind blowing a stop, these can be very comfortable and intimate, in a hundred knife price is very high cost performance, if you are torn to choose which one, this can be the first consideration.

HandFan Desk Portable Fan HF360
This main butterfly wing, soft wind comfort wind, in order to achieve a large air volume at the same time also achieved a lower noise.
Free to choose the angle of twist in 30-150 °. The bottom of the fan is also equipped with a light bulb function, there are three settings to adjust the brightness of the light, in addition to the fan inside the timing settings, you can turn on the timing mode so that the fan automatically shut down. Perfect for people with babies at home or with high requirements for wind quality, good wind can also enjoy a good life.
Low noise can reach a minimum of 13db, equivalent to the sound of butterflies flying over, basically silent, absolutely no disturbance to rest and sleep, super suitable for poor sleep or more sensitive to the sound of the crowd.

Handheld Foldable Fan with Mobile charging source HF310
Foldable and rechargeable, wirelessly available for eight hours after charging, so you can basically take it with you when you go out to play on the weekend or go to a small garden, and enjoy the coolness when you go out. It also comes with the function of rechargeable battery, which can power your cell phone and computer in the outdoor.

First of all, mention in front, buy something like an electric fan, it is best to correspond to their actual needs to choose.
For example.
(1) there are babies at home need fans with sleep mode, comfort wind or temperature-sensing self-regulation and other functions, or in the active period of 2-5-year-old children, try to choose encrypted mesh or electric fans with automatic power-off protection.
(2) The elderly in the family can choose the one with remote control, easy to use.
(3) Girls who live alone or need to move the fan often, the first thing to consider is the portability, it is best to choose the foldable and rechargeable.

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I. Fan types
Ⅱ, the purchase of USB fans need to pay attention to the problem
Ⅲ recommended
Ⅳ, summary

A. Types of fans
The more popular portable fans on the market today are four types of fans, for desktop fans, handheld fans, circulating fans and hanging neck fans, as detailed below.
This article will explain in detail the portable fan, you are interested in taking a look, conscience recommended cost-effective portable fans. The portable fan mentioned in this article refers to the design of small size, light weight, foldable and other features to facilitate our carry-on, and in the season of non-use, you can do to save space.

Second, the purchase of vertical fans need to pay attention to the issue

1、Using scenes

Choose according to your needs and the place you use.

For example, for a long time in the closed indoor friends, portable desktop circulation fan may be a good choice, because it can circulate air in a larger area, driving air circulation; but this fan is more to purify the air, not to make wind blowing use. For friends who like to go out, handheld fans may be a good choice to carry with you, because it is small enough to fit into the bag, if you also lack a rechargeable battery, then you can choose a handheld fan equipped with a rechargeable battery(2600mAh), two in one simply can not be more appropriate. For friends who like sports can choose to hang the neck fan, extendable neck fan based on the human body design on the neck can enjoy the breeze.

2、Portability of the fan

If you plan to move the fan to different locations in your home from time to time, then you may need to consider portability. Larger, bulkier models may be difficult to transfer compared to smaller fans.
When considering portability, you should also take into account the power supply issue. If you need to take it out for use, you can consider a rechargeable small fan. Foldable rechargeable vertical fans supplement part of the portability and get a big boost in terms of practicality.

3、Wind power size

Electric fans ultimately depends on the wind, first of all, according to their own needs to know how much wind they want to choose, the best choice can be multi-file adjustment of wind power electric fans, according to different people at different times to adjust the wind power of different gears, the wind has a strong and soft, one-way, there is also a wide angle, so the selection of electric fans wind adjustment function is particularly important.
The most recommended is the wide angle of the wind area, you can adjust the multi-file vertical fan to meet the needs of different people in the family.

4、Number of fan blades(How to choose the right fan blade design)

Vertical fan fan blades are generally three or five leaves, the general family this amount is enough to use.
Some experts in the industry said that, taking into account the characteristics of the rotational balance, the general electric fan fan blades are odd blades, and an even number of blades of electric fans, easy to resonate in the rotation, resulting in damage, therefore, it is recommended to choose an odd number of blades of electric fans.
Now on the market three-blade fan blade has been relatively small, most are five-blade fan blade, or even more, seven leaves, nine leaves, etc..