How do you check if the fan you are buying is worth the money you paid?

How do you check if the fan you are buying is worth the money you paid?

To answer this question before we have to understand what are the parts of a general electric fan?

Rotor: consisting of magnets, fan blades and shaft.
Stator: composed of silicon steel sheet, bobbin and bearing.
Control circuit: the IC induction magnet; the N.S. pole is controlled by a circuit to conduct its coil and generate internal excitation to rotate the rotor.

The combination of these three small parts constitutes the fan motor, which is the most important factor in determining the performance of the fan.

The combination of these three small parts constitutes the fan motor, which is the most important factor in determining the performance of the fan.
Our current fans use the most advanced brushless DC motors to operate. For those who are interested in this issue, please refer to another article: BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR, BRUSH DC MOTOR: HOW TO CHOOSE?


The integrity of these fan Electronic parts is essential to ensure that the fan can function properly.

For customers, these electronic components in the process of product production has been completed by the company's professional quality inspection personnel, and awarded the corresponding certificate for qualified products, for this part of the inspection we also need to have the corresponding tools to support, you can check through the HandFan youtobe channel for more product performance testing.

The quality inspection of electronic fans mainly includes the following aspects.

1, check the basic product certificate

Out of the box to check the product must be accompanied by a certificate of conformity, instructions, the electric fan nameplate should have the manufacturer's name, product model specifications, rated power, rated voltage, power type and frequency indicators.

2, Look at the mesh cover and fan blades

Check whether the appearance of the electric fan is intact, check whether there is deformation in the mesh cover and fan blade On the mesh cover of the assembled electric fan, use a pen to point to a higher point of the fan blade, slowly move the fan blade, several other fan blades corresponding to the point and the distance of the pen tip should be very similar, and then check whether the rotation of the fan blade is flexible.

3, Look at the starting performance

Start-up performance is an important indicator of the quality of electric fans. In the purchase, the electric fan should be adjusted in slow gear, and at 85% of the rated voltage of the power supply, that is, the voltage regulator to 220 volts down to 187 volts to start the electric fan, electric Phoenix fan should be able to start from a standstill, while maintaining normal operation, if the shorter the start time, that the better the start performance of the electric fan.

4, Look at the operation and speed control performance

After the power is turned on, the rocker switch is turned back and forth several times to check whether it is out of order or the assembly is too tight, and there should be no abnormal noise in the mechanical transmission part of the fan during the process. When the electric fan is running at high, medium and low speed, the motor and fan blade should be smooth, with little vibration and low noise. Fan head shaking, stopping should be agile, no intermittent, stagnant and jittering phenomenon, the speed difference between the gears should be obvious, the larger the air supply angle the better. In the electric fan stall, the axial clearance of the rotating shaft does not exceed 0.5 cm, the gap is too large, the operation will cause axial faltering and impact sound.

5, see the activity performance

Electric fan activity performance mainly includes fan head pitch, tilt each angle running flexible, locking firm. At the same time, the electric fan will be adjusted to the pitch angle or shake the head to the end position, the net cover will not touch with the fan pillar. The angle of shaking the head should not be lower than 60-80 degrees. See if the control mechanism is flexible. The control mechanism of the electric fan mainly includes the rocker switch, timing knob, speed switch, lighting switch, etc., which should be checked one by one when purchasing, whether these control mechanisms are flexible.

6, Timing mode to see if the time is accurate

Timing device requires accurate timing, flexible rotation, no jamming phenomenon or abrasive panel phenomenon, normally open and normally closed position should be controlled reliably.

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